Ten Hundred “Reincarnated” – A short film by Red Williamson



Red Williamson of New Spin Photo from Olympia WA followed me around with his cameras for the week leading up to my big solo art show. He captured me creating the art for my show, hanging the show in the gallery, and the opening night celebration. He put together this short film documenting the show.
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Ten Hundred

“Reincarnated” Trailer


Red Williamson from New Spin Photo is shooting a documentary short film about my upcoming art show called Reincarnated.

He is filming me creating the art for the show, hanging the show and preparing the gallery, and the opening night party.

Full short film coming soon!

Check out the trailer then come to my art show on Friday Feb 7 at Gallery 2312 (2312 2nd ave. Seattle WA between Bell and Blanchard)


Ten Hundred Documentary

Some weeks back Red Williamson came from Olympia, WA to shoot some film on my process as an artist.

I worked on a piece called “The Static King Returns”

He put this film together and I think it turned out great.

To check out more of his work go to


“The Static King Returns”

“the static king returns”

35.5″ x 46″

mixed medium





Red Williamson came down from Olympia WA and filmed a documentary on my art and the making of this painting.

The video will be posted here soon.

Check out more of Red’s work at

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