Some New Things.

Been a little busy with the art and haven’t been able to blog for a while. Here are some new things I have been doing.

Couple New Works

“As the Bride and Groom Arrive at the Reception the Static Singers Begin Their Performance” 3.5 ft x 3.5 ft $500 “Loitering” 11″ x 13″ $60 Sold “Two Crowns” 24″ x 25″ $250 Sold.

A Thief at Large

“A Thief at Large” 37″ x 28″ Acrylic, India Ink, Marker $400 Sold

“A Thief’s Celebration”

“a thief’s celebration” 14″ x 23″ Acrylic and India Ink on Canvas. $200 Sold


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