Hand Painted Shoes for Converse and Nordstrom

tenhundred shoes


2nd shoe


Recently Converse hit me up to hand paint 30 pairs of Chucks for their Pop Up Shop at Nordstrom’s in Bellevue square! They shipped me a bunch of their shoes and I started Painting! After they saw my work they asked me to paint 30 more pairs for them for the downtown Seattle Nordstom store as well. This is a photo journal of my process of creating the shoes.


To purchase a pair of shoes visit the Seattle Nordstrom or Bellevue Nordstrom.

Or call to order over the phone

Seattle- (206) 303-6000

Bellevue - (425) 455-5800



These are just some of the shoes they sent me.

painting blue

I started by completely painting the shoes a solid color.

pink fillsfills grouphand       drips01

Then I added some drips of different colors.

drips  orange drips 22nd batch drips022nd batch dripsCarnivore small

All in all I submitted about 10 sketches. This is the one they chose for the Bellevue Nordstrom.

Watcher Print small

This is the one they chose for the Downtown Seattle Nordstrom.

character start

Then I was on to adding the characters to the shoes.

white diamondsmockupspray downspraydown2spraydown4spraydown

Then I sprayed them down with a glossy fixant to help them shine, and to hopefully protect the paint a bit.

spraydown3spraydown5  bellevue nordstroms

Then It was time to drop them off at Nordstrom.

floor decallgohangin shoes         Peter Popin  popin1 shoes in popinpopin2



It was so cool to be approached by such awesome, major companies. The shoes have been selling fast. This project was a ton of work and took days to complete, but It was super fun and rewarding as well.


Check out Nordstrom’s blog post here!

Ten Hundred “Reincarnated” – A short film by Red Williamson



Red Williamson of New Spin Photo from Olympia WA followed me around with his cameras for the week leading up to my big solo art show. He captured me creating the art for my show, hanging the show in the gallery, and the opening night celebration. He put together this short film documenting the show.
Enjoy and share!

Ten Hundred

Process of design

Start with a pencil sketch…


Then add inks…



Then photograph it and bring it into computer and make it a clean…



Then put it into adobe illustrator and do some rough color fills…



Then bring it back to photoshop and layer on textures and effects…



Then add font and present to client…



Then cash check :)

Drawing, Illustrating, and Digital Coloring.

This is a commissioned piece i did for a friends band. The band wanted a character to use for band art like album art/tshirts/ stickers/ whatever. I start with a drawing like this…original(Small)


Then I take a photograph of that drawing. Then I bring it into adobe illustrator and fill it in with color. Then I bring it into photoshop and add textures to make it look like it has been painted and it ends up looking like this…


Ten Hundred Art at “Loves Me Not” Show this Saturday

1655302_787352704626146_1014398884_nMarco Collins is throwing two valentines show’s!

Music, art, good times, fuck yea!

One is on V Day (Friday) “Loves Me”, the other is the day after V Day (Saturday) “Loves Me Not”.

I will be showing some brand new pieces at “Loves Me Not”.

Wanna come?

Want more info?

Here ya go!

Celebrate your Single-ness with an evening curated by Marco Collins showcasing a cross section of diverse NW artists.


Doors open at 7pm and show begins at 8pm. All Ages.

Featuring Live Performances From:

*JASON DODSON (The Maldives)





Artwork by Ten Hundred (P Smoov)

Volterra Drawing Room
5407 Ballard Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98107

“Reincarnated” Trailer


Red Williamson from New Spin Photo is shooting a documentary short film about my upcoming art show called Reincarnated.

He is filming me creating the art for the show, hanging the show and preparing the gallery, and the opening night party.

Full short film coming soon!

Check out the trailer then come to my art show on Friday Feb 7 at Gallery 2312 (2312 2nd ave. Seattle WA between Bell and Blanchard)


“Reincarnated” at Gallery 2312

I am having a large solo art show on Friday  Feb. 7th at Gallery 2312 in Seattle WA.

I am very excited to be debuting many new works!



Drinks and music.


2312 2nd Ave. Seattle, WA 98121


(originally there was a poster posted with the wrong date. saying the opening was on thursday, but the opening will be on friday the 7th, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused!)

Ten Hundred Documentary

Some weeks back Red Williamson came from Olympia, WA to shoot some film on my process as an artist.

I worked on a piece called “The Static King Returns”

He put this film together and I think it turned out great.

To check out more of his work go to


“The Static King Returns”

“the static king returns”

35.5″ x 46″

mixed medium





Red Williamson came down from Olympia WA and filmed a documentary on my art and the making of this painting.

The video will be posted here soon.

Check out more of Red’s work at

image_1 image_2 image_3 image photo-61


This is a collaboration between Patrick Toney (one of my good friends and favorite artists) and myself.

Patrick did the center face and I did the surrounding characters and background.

Acrylic and India Ink on Canvas.

13″ x 15″





Stage 1: Patrick Toney adds his portrait of me, working from a photograph.


Stage 2: I’m fleshing out the characters a bit.



Stage 3: I’m adding some more characters.





Stage 4: add details



Stage 5: Finished