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Photos From “Reincarnated”

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The Stranger interviews Ten Hundred

Sean Jewell from The Stranger came to my art studio and interviewed me about my work and my upcoming art show “Reincarnated”.

“It’s an interesting outlook. He’s taking art that is designed to blend into the décor, or lull you into a docile state in the lobby of some bank or office building, and making them burst with blobs of color. He’s taking something someone just barely valued enough to not throw away and giving it life. Reincarnation isn’t just a name for his art show; it’s a theme extending from his personal life, through his hand, into his painting, salvaging junk by making it art. Ten Hundred is taking things that are dead, and giving them new life.”

Read the full article here!



“The Watcher” shirt now available as a women’s tank top!

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“Reincarnated” Trailer


Red Williamson from New Spin Photo is shooting a documentary short film about my upcoming art show called Reincarnated.

He is filming me creating the art for the show, hanging the show and preparing the gallery, and the opening night party.

Full short film coming soon!

Check out the trailer then come to my art show on Friday Feb 7 at Gallery 2312 (2312 2nd ave. Seattle WA between Bell and Blanchard)


Getting ready for the art show.




Gettin ready for this.

“The Hunter” T Shirts and Hoodies

I am very happy with how these turned out!

Available now from my big cartel store.



Hood_Front_Steve Hood_Rodney_frontShirt_Front_Steve Shirt_rodney Shirt---Both

In the art studio

studio tenhun selfie

“Reincarnated” at Gallery 2312

I am having a large solo art show on Friday  Feb. 7th at Gallery 2312 in Seattle WA.

I am very excited to be debuting many new works!



Drinks and music.


2312 2nd Ave. Seattle, WA 98121


(originally there was a poster posted with the wrong date. saying the opening was on thursday, but the opening will be on friday the 7th, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused!)

“The Hunter” – Hoodies and T Shirts Pre Order

now available for pre order at tenhundred.bigcartel.com

should be here by mid january


hoodie preorder tshirt preorder2

Fresh Espresso – On!

I am in a band called Fresh Espresso.

We just released a new single for free!

Download here.

I also designed the cover art.



Commissioned piece.





This is a commissioned piece I did for a couple in New Jersey.

They had a couple criteria:

1. their cat “lucky” had to be in the painting.

2. there needed to be a ship in the background.

… nailed it.


Roman Numerals Hat


Ten Hundred snapback’s now available at tenhundred.bigcartel.com

$20Hat1 Hat2 hat3

Pictures from Art Walk

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Ten Hundred “Lower the Crown Shirts”

I made some new shirts. Then I took some pictures of people wearing those shirts.


Order your shirts here!

cynthia-3 ellie2 ellie3 group-1 group-2 group-4 group-6 Jordan_grey_1 Jordan_White_1 Jordan_White_2 steve_grey_1 steve_grey_3 steve_white_2

“Energy Exchange”

“Energy Exchange”

28″ x 24″

$3001 2 3

“Minotaur” – Hand Painted Skateboard Deck


Acrylic on Wood

$200White-deck-2 White-deck-3 White-deck-4

Women’s Tanks

Been getting a lot of requests from my female fans for women’s sizes… so here you go.LTC-WOMENS-TANK


Pre Order Here

“Lower the Crown” T Shirt – Pre Order

Pre Order Ten Hundred Shirts Here!

Get 2 free stickers with pre order.

Available in Charcoal and White.

Lower-The-Crown-(CHARCOAL)-Pre-Order Lower-The-Crown-(WHITE)-Pre-Order





photo 2




22″ x 26″


Sold.photo 1David with his purchase.




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