Handpainted Vintage Jacket

I was asked by Jesse to paint on his grandfathers 1958-1959 varsity jacket. The jacket had gotten some water damage and staining over the years and Jesse wanted me to put some art on it to breath new life into it. I thought that was a cool idea and I was super down.   

Live Painting

I painted these pieces live at the “loves me not” event on 02.15.14 in Seattle WA.   32″ x 32″ – $240 Sold.   All sold.

Works from Reincarnated

“Tangled #2″ – 48″ x 39” – $800 “Antlers” – Sold “I Only Have Eyes For You” – sold “Lazer Lizards” – Sold “Pet” – Sold “Totem” – Sold “Face Melter” – sold “Same Shit, Different Dimension” – 26.5″ x 38.5″ – $550 “Up In The Clouds” – 40″ x 28″ – $400 “Watchers” – All Sold “Flourescents” – Sold “Ouroboros” – Sold “The Hugs” – Sold “Lucky Strike” – Sold “Epic Thumb War” – Sold “Crow Wizard” – Sold “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” – Sold “Solute” – Sold Full shot of… Read More


Commissioned piece.


This is a commissioned piece I did for a couple in New Jersey. They had a couple criteria: 1. their cat “lucky” had to be in the painting. 2. there needed to be a ship in the background. … nailed it.


          “Bodyguards” 22″ x 26″ $280 Sold.David with his purchase.    

Real people buy art.

I had an art show. I sold 6 pieces opening night.   These are some of the people who bought my art.

Couple New Works

“As the Bride and Groom Arrive at the Reception the Static Singers Begin Their Performance” 3.5 ft x 3.5 ft $500 “Loitering” 11″ x 13″ $60 Sold “Two Crowns” 24″ x 25″ $250 Sold.

“The Assassination Plot Comes to Fruition”

“The Assassination Plot Comes to Fruition” 4.3 ft x 2.3 ft $500 Sold!

A Thief at Large

“A Thief at Large” 37″ x 28″ Acrylic, India Ink, Marker $400 Sold

“Three Wisemen”

I spent the past two days working on this piece. I am pleased with how it turned out. I posted it online for sale at noon today. By 6pm it was sold to a collector in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil! This is my first art sale in South America. “Three Wisemen” 4′ 4″ x 2′ 2″ $500  Sold.  

“In the Year 3000 Pro Wrestling is Still Very Popular”

  28″ x 22″ $150 Sold


44″ x 28″ Sold

“Leonard Loves to Play a Prank”

“leonard loves to play a prank” 19″ x 23″ $200 Sold

“Happy Dance”

“happy dance” 20″ x 24″ acrylic and ink on canvas $150 sold.

“The Static King Returns”

“the static king returns” 35.5″ x 46″ mixed medium $500   Sold Red Williamson came down from Olympia WA and filmed a documentary on my art and the making of this painting. The video will be posted here soon. Check out more of Red’s work at newspinphoto.com


“tribesmen” mixed medium on wood panels 42″ x 50″ (all together) $700   Sold


Pretty hyped on this one. “masks” 23″ x 25″ Acrylic and India Ink $300 Sold


“p.t.s.d.” 7″ x 7″ Acrylic and India Ink on Card Stock and Fabric. $80 Sold


“Hoodlums” 7″ x 10″ Acrylic and India Ink on Canvas $90 Sold


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