The “Clouds of Change” Pendant

Marc over at Sticks & Stones is hella cool. He hit me up a while back and asked me if I wanted to show some art in his shop in Portland. I was like “yeah”. Then he asked if I wanted to design a limited edition pendant to be sold in honor of my solo show. I was like “yeah”. Well the show is called “Blowin Up” and it opens this Thursday. The pendants are done and looking super fresh! I love it when I get to collaborate with cool companies like… Read More

Ten Hundred x Sasquatch Music Festival Tank Top

Sasquatch hit me up to design a tank top for them to sell at the festival and online! I love the fest, naturally I said yes! You can order your very own Ten Hundred x Sasquatch 2014 tank here:

Ten Hundred Documentary

Some weeks back Red Williamson came from Olympia, WA to shoot some film on my process as an artist. I worked on a piece called “The Static King Returns” He put this film together and I think it turned out great. To check out more of his work go to  


This is a collaboration between Patrick Toney (one of my good friends and favorite artists) and myself. Patrick did the center face and I did the surrounding characters and background. Acrylic and India Ink on Canvas. 13″ x 15″ $250   Stage 1: Patrick Toney adds his portrait of me, working from a photograph. Stage 2: I’m fleshing out the characters a bit.   Stage 3: I’m adding some more characters.     Stage 4: add details   Stage 5: Finished  


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