Ten Hundred (Peter Robinson) is an artist and designer from Seattle, WA. He was born raised in Michigan and moved around the United States before settling in Seattle in 2006.

He specializes in bright, colorful, imaginative character work.

He is inspired by cartoons and anime, street art and graffiti, childlike imagination, comics, world cutltures, religions, and folklore.

He spends his time creating fine art, gallery shows, clothing, toys and figurines, designing art for businesses, and creating large murals.

Recently he has done work with Nordstrom, Converse, Jet Blue, Caffe Vita, Sasquatch Music Festival and more.

Ten Hundred is creating his own alternate reality one piece of art at a time.


INSTAGRAM: @tenhun




Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

2 Comments on “Contact/Bio

  1. Hey! My girlfriend and I have a band called The Ember Jar and we just performed for a Christmas party at your dads’ place in Michigan. Ron told us about your art and showed us some pieces hanging in the house. Just thought I’d stop by your site, check out some more of your fantastic work, and say hello.

    Kevin Joiner

  2. Today I googled P Smoov just to see if you were making any new tunes and then I realized how flippin talented you are! You are my idol. I’m a super fan! So many people comment I my “I love my friends” shirt from the MAD RAD days!

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